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Finally Google Shut Down Its Network Orkut

Finally Google Shut Down Its Network Orkut

After the success of Facebook Social media network,Google decided to Shut down its Network Orkut.


Do you know Google Plus is the not the first Social Network of Google. Several year ago, when social networks has no popularity though today, the facebook has. There was a Social Network name “ Orkut”. Though Google gain no much popularity and business from Orkur during its 10 complete years, but it is very running in country Brazil and india.

But after the success of Youtube, Blogger and Google plus , Google decided to shutdown its network Orkut. Google will close Orkut at the end of this Year 2014, and from today the more registration on the Orkut network will be closed.

If you are one of them,who are using Orkut at daily bases. So Move your data will Google take out. But through Google take out, you can download your data only in a Zip file. Google does not allow any relation will Google Orkut and Google plus in feature.


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